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Welcome to PROQUIFAR® S.A.



We are a Physicochemical Assays Laboratory established in Colombia 15 years ago, specialized in Liquid Chromatography Analysis (HPLC), Gas Chromatography and Spectrophotometric Analysis mainly; a private and independent company that offers know-how and experience with the most advanced analytical technology. 

Our analysis service and related technical support are aimed at Human and Veterinary Pharmaceutical, Agrochemistry, Cosmetics, and Food industries, among others, applied to quality control, stability studies, development and validation of analytical methods, dissolution profiles, development of formulations and bioavailability and bioequivalence studies.

As an Assays Laboratory Accredited under Standard NTC-ISO/IEC 17025, we deliver reliable and opportune results thus contributing to our customers’ quality assurance productive processes.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 07 December 2011 20:36 )

Técnicas Analíticas
  • Cromatografía Líquida HPLC
  • Cromatografía de Gases CG
  • Cromatografía en Capa Fina TLC
  • Espectrofotometría UV - VIS
  • Volumetría Instrumental y Visual
  • Absorción Atómica
  • Farmacéutica Humana y Veterinaria
  • Agroquímica
  • Cosmética
  • Alimentos